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Commercial Burglary Protection Safes

Our specialty is burglary protection safes
Our expertise covers the entire range of products that are relied upon to protect from $1,000 to $100,000,000+ in value overnight.  The majority of the safes we supply to industry are those we've developed for our clients, thousands of which have been sold throughout the USA as well as overseas.  We designed our safes to provide real security, not just to meet a minimum performance level.

Our focus is on supplying both strong and heavy safes to our clients, 
with the goal to provide not only burglary protection,
but burglary prevention as well.
Sometimes, it's as important to place a safe correctly within one's premises as it is 
to provide the adequate security to protect the items/value to be stored overnight. 

Our clients soon find out that they get more
than what they paid for when doing business with us... don't be surprised when we ask you more questions about your business
than what you'd expect to hear. The more we know about the way you operate,
the easier it is for us to help guide you to the appropriate selection of safes, sizes, capacities, locks, etc.  We're here to help you every step of the way.

Each security level described in this section provides
a specific amount of resistance to burglary tools and torches.

The selection of the appropriate safe for your particular needs is usually driven
not only by insurance requirements (if you have insurance)
but by your specific risk of loss, and what the end result will be should your safe be
successfully burglarized and all the contents removed by the burglars. 

Therefore, when selecting a safe, it's important to recognize
the complete risk of loss based on the particular environment
where the safe is to be located.
Give us 5 different scenarios protecting the same items and value,
and we may end up recommending 5 different safes
to fulfill each requirement.
We feel it's our responsibility to offer such advice to you.