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Customized Interiors to Meet Your Particular Needs

We offer custom storage solutions for the interior of your safe. These interiors are available in a variety of wood and lacquer finishes and are handcrafted to fit the interior of a new or existing safe.  Examples of our standard wood finishes include maple, birdseye maple, paduch (vermillion), walnut, bubinga, mahogany, wenge etc.  We will customize the interior to meet your individual requirements. 

Drawers, Cubbies, Adjustable Shelves, Drawer Pulls, Etc.
We offer various height drawers for the storage of jewelry and watches, yet are available in virtually any height to accommodate the items to be stored within.  In addition, we offer customized layouts inside drawers for the storage of documents, cash, coin collections,flatware, etc.  Heights noted below indicate gross height of drawer (actual inside clear height is less).  Open cubbies for the storage of documents, cameras and other items can be outfitted with adjustable shelves and lined with the same materials as the inserts for the drawers.  Standard drawer pulls are available in a variety of finishes.

  • Standard height (1-7/16") for the storage of the majority of jewelry
  • Medium height (2") for rings in slots with larger stones as well as other items
  • Tall (2-1/2") for thick bangles and watches stored on their side
  • Watch (3") for the storage of watches on cuffs
  • Higher drawers available upon request
  • All drawers for Style 1412T and 1612T inserts are typically supplied with wood runners so you can remove them from the safe and place them on a surface outside the safe.  Drawers for standard watch inserts are fitted with full extension slides, unless otherwise indicated. 
  • Full extension slides can be supplied on many drawer sizes, depending on the particular safe.  Please inquire within for details.                                                     
    Document Drawer with Removable Partitions

    Cash Storage Drawer
    Model PRO4820 with Custom Interior
    Walnut Drawers with Custom Layout
    with Black Shadow Material
    Close-up of Adjustable Shelf
    White Rift Oak Wood Finish
    with Satin Nickel Drawer Pull
    (Brass and Chrome Pulls Available)



Jewelry Inserts
Drawers can be fitted with luxuriously covered inserts configured to organize jewelry, watches and other valuables. We offer standard layouts as well as custom configurations and materials to meet your particular requirements (see drawings of standard layouts below).  Inserts are sized to fit in any height drawer.  They are removable so you can determine where you would like each to be placed for convenient storage of particular items.  If you intend to have one or more taller drawers in your safe, please think about where you would like them placed since you'll probably use a specific insert for them. 

Style 1412T
Jewelry & Watch Inserts
(inserts shown covered with sage elite material)
(we also stock these inserts covered with black shadow material)
download drawings
single space
4 horizontal spaces

6 vertical spaces

ring slots plus assorted spaces
9 spaces

ring slots plus 16 spaces
20 spaces

15 watch cuffs


Style 1612T
Jewelry & Watch Inserts
(inserts shown covered with sage elite material)
(we also stock these inserts covered with black shadow material)
download drawings
single space
2 spaces

4 horizontal spaces

7 vertical spaces
ring slots plus assorted spaces

12 spaces

ring slots plus 16 spaces

18 watch cuffs

18 watch cuffs

18 watch cuffs

 Custom Materials & Layouts
We have a large selection of materials from which to choose.

Layouts can be customized to meet your needs.

Watch cuff insert with Graphite Elite Material
3-1/2" High Drawer
Single space lining with Royal Elite Material

Watch Inserts (see standard inserts above)
We offer inserts with cuffs for the organization and storage of watches.  Cuffs are covered with the same materials as our jewelry inserts.  When ordering the interior of your safe please specify the number of watches you want to store, making sure that you have you have additional space for future acquisitions.  Watch inserts are usually inserted within drawers with full extension slides to handle the excess weight.  (Depending on the safe selected and the configuration of the interior, this is sometimes difficult to do.)

For the storage of automatic watches that require periodic movement to keep them wound, we can outfit your safe with single, double or triple watchwinders (battery powered) or install a customized interior with multiple watch winders (electrical connection required).  Please discuss your particular requirements with one of our security consultants.  We can supply a pull-out shelf for battery powered winders, to accommodate up to 6 watch winders (per shelf) in a 12" deep safe. 




Interior lighting for your safe is available as an option on any safe.   (Electrical connection required)

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