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The Largest Selection of Used High Security Safes in the USA

Updated 2017 Inventory

We just performed our yearly inventory and realized we
have the largest inventory of used safes in the country.

Over 500 Used Safes in Stock

 All Sizes and Shapes.  
All Levels of Protection.


If you don't see what you're looking for
and let us know since
we may have it in stock or will be expecting arrival soon.


Maximum Security Safes
(six-sided torch and drill resistant)
TRTL-15x6, TRTL-30x6 & TRTL-60x6
& "Real Equivalents" from Europe & Scandinavia

High Security Safes
(six-sided torch and drill resistant)
from Europe & Scandinavia

"Medium Security" Safes*
(tool resistant) 
TL-15, TL-30 & TL-30x6 Safes
& "Real Equivalents"
(*Yes, "Medium Security" since they were NEVER high security safes!!!)

Depository Safes

Burglar & Fire Resistant Models

Fire Resistant Document and Media Safes

Burglary Protection Vault Doors
Fire Protection Vault Doors


As many of you know, we provide "real information" & guidance
to our customers to help them make an intelligent decision about
the safe they need.  Since we specialize in and have created
many of the strongest safes in the industry,
we can offer you exacty what you are looking for.  

You can buy with total confidence here.

in order to open up a list of products we have available.  Please note that these pages
are updated on a regular basis but chances are we have many more products
in stock than what's listed, so please call us to find out what else we have.

Call or email us and let us know as much as possible about the product
(mfr, style, model, features, quantity etc.) as well as when you need it deilvered since we have many products coming in from all over the world
and can probably locate it for you.

For the first time in our history, we're opening our doors to everyone, from safe dealers to commercial customers, to private consumers.  Since we have the largest selection of pre-owned "burglary protection safes" in the country, we're sure we'll have a safe to meet your requirements.
~ Our prices have been reduced to make everyone happy ~ 

All equipment is reconditioned and refinished prior to shipment or delivery.
All equipment (unless otherwise noted) will come with a 1 year warranty.

We can modify safes to meet your specific requirements:  specialized locks, custom interiors (compartments, drawers, shelves), custom finishes, etc.  

Call or email us now with your specific needs and we'll come up with a solution! 


40 year old Chubb / Chatwood-Milner Monarch Model 642817 / reconditioned & refinished


30 year old Chubb Bankers Treasury / Model 342019 / reconditioned & refinished


27 year old ISM Treasury TRTL-30x6 / Model TR6529 with new fascia panel / reconditioned & refinished


35 year old ISM Jewelgard TL-30 / Model F3024 / reconditioned & refinished


 50+ year old Mosler Record Safe / Model 3360A (4-hr.-350) / Before Shelves Installed

We have been in the "reconditioned" safe business since 1904.  Back then it was called the "used" safe business, but since we rarely sell used safes "as is", we call them by a more appropriate name.  

The only products we will resell are ones that are in good working condition and that once they are reconditioned, can be warrantied and relied upon for a lifetime of use.  Damaged parts are repaired or replaced.  Locks, if not operating successfully, are repaired or replaced.  Products are refinished (unless the finish of the used product, when received, is in excellent condition).  Sometimes it's difficult to tell if one of these products is reconditioned or new! 

How do we obtain used equipment?  We come across equipment in a variety of methods.  Usually, these products come from companies that are moving, expanding, upgrading, closing, etc.  We find these products from all corners of the USA and sometimes overseas.  The majority are products that were standard models produced by manufacturers throughout the world, yet we do come across many unique customized models as well.  

We usually have from 300-500 used products in stock. We have a full shop and staff prepared to repair, recondition, modify and refinish these products, so if the product you select needs to be outfitted with a custom locking system or interior, we can make it happen.  

There's Nothing We Can't Do.  To give you an idea of what we have done in the past, we've modified a double door fire protection safe and made it into a double door vault door.  We've reduced the depth of a large steel safe so it could fit through a narrow doorway.  We've outfitted a large safe with multiple locking compartments and drawers.  We've even taken a safe with a right swing door and modified it to swing to the left.  

Burglary Protection Safes and Vault Doors.  The burglary protection equipment we resell are those that, once reconditioned, are equal to (or stronger than) the security level to which they were manufactured  We will not resell a burglarized safe where the barrier material has been removed, thereby compromising the security level.  (It is important to note that we occasionally repair and resell safes that were attacked where there is only external cosmetic damage...think of an automobile that has damaged fender or broken light.) 

Reconditioned Fire Protection Safes and Insulated Files. People sometimes ask us if one of these products ever went through a fire.  The answer is no.  We would never resell a fire protection product that went through a fire as it would no longer qualify as such a product.  We would never purchase such a product in the first place.

Warranty.  Unless otherwise noted, all reconditioned equipment comes with a one year mechanical warranty as it pertains to product defects.  Locks in excellent working condition come with a 90-day warranty.  (If a lock is replaced at our discretion with a new lock the warranty is then extended for one year.We reserve the right to repair or replace anything found to be defective or non-operational.

How We Operate  It is important to note that the insurance industry looks to us to provide accurate information to them about the products we promote to their clients.  We therefore have chosen to always take "the high road" and do the right thing for our customers.

  • We will not recondition a used safe and sell it as new.  It is illegal to do so.
  • We will not put a UL label on a safe that is not UL listed (fyi, once a label is removed from a non-compliant product, the label is destroyed or becomes part of our memorabilia.)
  • If we obtain a used UL listed product that was taken off the market since it was not manufactured according to UL specifications, we will remove the UL label and downgrade the product and then resell it at its realistic security level.
  • We will not misrepresent the security level of a product that does not have a UL or other certification.  As a matter of fact, we will clarify the security level of such products to the best of our ability.

At Empire, you can buy with full confidence that you will get exactly what you asked for.  We appreciate the opportunity to guide our clients to the appropriate product(s) for their use, and give them enough information to help them make a responsible decision.   Whether you purchase new or reconditioned, you can be sure you'll get what you pay for.


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