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It Takes A Lot More Than A UL Label To Tell You About Empire Safe.

We specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing high security safes and vault rooms for the diamond, jewelry and watch industries.  Our products are found throughout the USA and overseas. 

We will provide a complete history of our involvement in the industry since gold was valued at $35 per ounce.  

In the meantime, please review the various safes we have designed for the industry in our "Commercial" section. 

As for modular vaults, vault doors, jewelry and watch transport carts as well as custom interiors for vault rooms, you can find this information in our "Modular Vaults" section.


Need a Used High Security Safe???

We Have Great Deals!!!

We Have the Largest Inventory

of used (Reconditioned)

High Quality Jewelers Safes in the USA

At any time we have between 70 & 100

TRTL-60x6 (and equivalents)

(and equivalents)

(and equivalents)

The safes we offer in this category are

capable of preventing 99% of today's burglars

from being able to break into them.

Please note that we do not offer safes

that we know were not manufactured to

correct specifications or fraudulently labeled.

For jewelers with inventories

below $400,000

where the merchandise can be
easily replaced

we have at least 50 units available by

(but not limited to) the following manufacturers:

Tann / SLS and others 


If your crime risk is low due to the environment,

value or interest to the typical safe burglars,

we have well over 100 safes

with the following certifications:

TL-15 / TL-30 / TL-30x6


 Please check our "Reconditioned" pages

for a list of many of these safes. 

If you don't see what you're looking for

please call and ask as I'm sure we'll have

what you are looking for. 

We have used safes coming in all the time

so make sure to call!!!