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Since 1904 Empire Safe has been serving the world’s finest jewelers, watchmakers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers, city, state and government agencies as well as residences, which dramatically communicates the wide variety of products and depth of experience offered by the company.   

The premier reputation of Empire Safe is due to the design, construction, and integrity of every safe and vault room manufactured. Richard Krasilovsky, President and CEO is considered one of the foremost experts in the country – as a designer of high security safes and vault rooms, as well as a specialist in customizing both exteriors and interiors - from a small, simple safe for an apartment or townhouse to a large, expansive vault room for a jewelry manufacturer or pharmaceutical company.

Richard Krasilovsky represents the third generation of safe experts and is surrounded by a team of professionals who can assist in the analysis of the appropriate protection for your specific needs. Whether for a commercial or residential application, we work closely with architects, interior designers, contractors and engineers in a quest to protect valuables in a manner that also allows efficient organization and convenient access on a moment's notice. 

Empire Safe works with customers throughout the world. And as designer and manufacturer, the company offers the flexibility you need, so you get exactly what you ask for. For more than a century, Empire Safe and the Krasilovsky name have been synonymous with enduring reliability and value.

*The photo above is of a piece of art created by Red Grooms in 1981.  This piece was part of an art show commissioned by Empire Safe where 11 contemporary artists took a safe of their choice and transformed each into a piece of art.  For more photos and details about the show, please go to our Publicity and Articles area in this section.

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