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Used / Reconditioned Burglary Protection Safes & Vault Doors

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"INVENTORY LIST of TRTL-60x6, TRTL-30x6, TRTL-15x6, and
Equivalents plus European High Security Models"

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Over 70 TRTL Six-Sided Safes In Stock!!!
(TRTL-60x6 / TRTL-30x6 / TRTL-15x6 & Equivalents)
Empire's List of "Select Models":  Only safes that qualify to the highest standards.
(ISM, Tann, Chubb, Chatwood-Milner Monarch,
Fichet-Bauche, Kaso, SLS, Cox, Rosengrens.)

25 High Security Safes
In Stock !!!
(Tann, SLS, Chubb, Cox, Rosengrens, etc.)

"INVENTORY LIST of Class E, TL-15, TL-30, TL-30x6 and Equivalents"

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Over 125 TL-15, TL-30, TL-30x6 & Equivalents In Stock!!!
(ISM, Tann, Chubb, SLS, Kaso, Empire, Steelage, Megasafe, Original, Fichet-Bauche,
Vector, Amsec, Gary, Knight, Mosler, Diebold, Meilink, US Security, Hamilton, etc.)

All Shapes and Sizes

Many New Arrivals and Others Coming Soon!!! 

Since we specialize in burglary protection safes for all applications, you'll find a complete selection of reconditioned models from which to choose.  Safes listed in this category are predominantly considered Commercial Burglary Protection Safes, ideal for use in businesses.  While the majority are quite large and bulky, you will note that many people have purchased such safes for use in their home.  You may also find a few residentially sized models amongst the safes in this section since we sometimes acquire them. 

If you want to purchase a strong safe for your business or home yet need one that takes up less of a footprint than what you typically find here, we suggest you take a look at the new safes in the Residential section of our website.  While many were specifically designed to fit within the home environment, they are also relied upon for commercial applications.  Security levels range from scaled down versions of our lowest to highest burglary protection models.

CLICK ON THE SECURITY LEVEL YOU ARE RESEARCHING in order to obtain explanations of each grade and view a list of "equivalent" products (from Europe, Scandinavia, Israel and other countries) that offer virtually the same security features. 

The "Equivalent" products are typically covered by Lloyds and American insurance underwriters according to the UL certifications indicated.  You will want to note that our opinions are quite conservative (and realistic) as we do not want our customers to be taken advantage of by safe dealers and/or others who claim a safe is stronger than it really is.  With this in mind, we strongly recommend that our customers recognize that there are very few companies that have as much in-depth experience and have done as much research as we have since gold began being traded as a the late 1970s.  

We encourage you to call our office and speak with one of our security consultants for complete information and pricing. 

Our inventory fluctuates on a daily basis.  Therefore, the items listed below will change on a day to day basis so if you don't see what you need, feel free to call us to discuss your specific needs.