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Insulated Vault Doors

Insulated vault doors (aka fire resistant vault doors) were designed primarily to provide fire protection for paper documents such as business records.  These doors offer a limited degree of burglary protection as found in commercial quality fire protection (resistant) safes......not much.  Therefore, if you intend to store items of high negotiable value, it is strongly recommended that you purchase a vault door that was designed primarily for burglary protection (go to our "Vault Doors (burglary)" sub-heading).  Note that some of our burglary protection vault doors also provide adequate fire resistance for the protection of paper documents. 

The brochure below describes the various sizes and fire protection levels of doors that we offer today.  Full specifications are in the brochure for architects and contractors.

Reconditioned doors.  We usually have a selection of used doors in stock that we recondition and refinish.  Doors that were manufactured by one of the following companies:  Schwab, Mosler, Diebold.  Please inquire within for more details.