About Us

Since 1904 we have provided burglary protection safes and vault rooms to the diamond jewelry and watch industries as well as being recognized by several leading insurance companies as the primary “go to” to provide safe and vault solutions to protect high net worth individuals valuables from jewelry, watches and cash to double door extra wide capacity high security double door products to protect artwork collections valued in the millions. We provide a free and confidential consultation to determine a client’s risk factors as well as ascertain the value of the items being protected to recommend the appropriate security level product to greatly reduce risk of a loss.

In addition, we offer organization of the safe or vault interiors to the client’s specifications in fine handcrafted cabinetry with drawers and lined cubbies along with a variety of fine quality jewelry compartment inserts so clients can organize their collections. We also offer Pendaflex file drawers, cash drawers, rifle and gun compartments, etc.

Everybody needs protection as home alarm systems and inexpensive safe products are not enough and only offer an up to 60% protection solution. Our products are a 99% burglary protection solution!

Why would someone want to leave themselves open to risk of a loss? Why would one have a false sense of security with an inferior, inappropriate protection level product? Please call for a complimentary risk assessment based on your application particulars!