ISM Super Platinum (TRTL-60×6)

The ISM Super Platinum is considered the highest level security safe in production today. It was developed based on the needs to have an extremely secure safe, capable of resisting the most sophisticated torches and electro-mechanical tools in use today by the most sophisticated burglars. This particular safe is sold predominantly to government agencies, the diamond and financial industries, as well as to individuals who have items of extraordinary value.

Door Design The overall thickness of the door is 7″. The barrier material makes up 4-3/8″ of this thickness, the rest consumed by the steel enclosure plus the elaborate boltwork/locking mechanism. The protective area consists predominantly of Alchronite plus Alceramic, ISM’s patented torch and drill resistant cast barrier material.

Body The overall thickness of the body is 6″, which incorporates a complete, one-piece casting of Alchronite (plus Alceramic). This casting prevents the body of the safe from being delaminated by burglars. The frame area surrounding the door and boltwork chamber, is quite thick and reinforced with exceptional torch resistant bars to help prevent thermic attacks.


Product Specifications

ModelInside Dimensions
H x W x D (in)(mm)
Outside Dimensions
H x W x D / OD (in)(mm)
SPL26231626 x 23 x 16660 x 584 x 40636 x 33 x 30 / 33.55914 x 838 x 762 / 8525.54 ft³157 L12200 lb998 kg
SPL35241635 x 24 x 16889 x 610 x 40645 x 34 x 30 / 33.551143 x 864 x 762 / 8527.78 ft³220 L22750 lb1247 kg
SPL55261655 x 26 x 161397 x 660 x 40665 x 36 x 30 / 33.551651 x 914 x 762 / 85213.24 ft³375 L23950 lb1792 kg
SPL65291665 x 29 x 161651 x 737 x 40675 x 39 x 30 / 33.551905 x 991 x 762 / 85217.45 ft³494 L34700 lb2132 kg
SPL67362367 x 36 x 231702 x 914 x 58477 x 46 x 37 / 40.551956 x 1168 x 940 / 103032.10 ft³909 L46150 lb2790 kg

OD: Overall Depth including hinge and handle projections

Photo Gallery: Super Platinum