Utility Safes

The Utility Series safes are lightweight all-steel safes used to store and protect large or bulky items such as cash register tills, cameras, laptops, handguns and other bulky items of low monetary value. These safes are recommended for use where access control is more important than burglary protection. We have many sizes and shapes in stock or can fabricate one to meet your needs.

6 Standard Models in Stock
If you don’t find the size you need here, we have a variety of new and reconditioned products available, so supplying you with such a product is easy for us to take care of.

Due to the light weight characteristics of this line of safes, it is strongly recommended that these safes be secured to the floor of the premises.

This safe can be outfitted with a UL listed mechanical combination lock or UL listed 6-digit push button lock (battery powered). Other locks are available… please inquire within.

Door Swing
All standard models are supplied with the hinges on the right side as you face it.

Standard Interior
Safes are supplied with an appropriate number of adjustable shelves. (Additional shelves are available)

Custom Interior
We can customize the interior of your safe to meet your storage and organizational requirements.

Custom Sizes
We can fabricate a custom sized safe to meet your needs. All shapes and sizes within reason. Left or Right side door swings. Discounted pricing available for large quantity orders.

ModelInside Dimensions
H x W x D (in)(mm)
Outside Dimensions
H x W x D / OD (in)(mm)
CapacityClear AccessShelvesWeight
B1212-1212½ x 12 x 12318 x 305 x 30513½ x 13¼ x 17.125343 x 337 x 4351.04 ft³30 L9¾ x 9248 x 2291101 lb46 kg
B1415-1014½ x 15¼ x 9¾368 x 387 x 24815 x 15¾ x 14¼381 x 400 x 3621.25 ft³35 L11¾ x 12¼298 x 3111110 lb50 kg
B2015-1619¾ x 15¼ x 16502 x 387 x 40620¼ x 15¾ x 20¾514 x 400 x 5272.79 ft³79 L17 x 12¼432 x 3111161 lb73 kg
B2118-2020½ x 18½ x 19⅞521 x 470 x 50521 x 19 x 24⅝533 x 483 x 6254.36 ft³124 L18 x 15¾457 x 4001215 lb98 kg
B2818-2028½ x 18½ x 19⅞724 x 470 x 50529 x 19 x 24⅝737 x 483 x 6256.06 ft³172 L25¾ x 15¾654 x 4002275 lb125 kg

OD: Overall Depth including hinge and handle projections