Chatwood-Milner Coffer

The Chatwood-Milner Coffer has been designed to provide the most modern burglary protection. By fitting the coffer within a fire-resistive safe being used for the protection of records, the coffer provides the necessary protection for cash and valuables. The coffer can also be enclosed in a steel clad concrete block to suit any dimensions as a free standing unit. The purpose of the steel cladding filled with concrete is to give additional weight to the coffer so that the unit will be much heavier and therefore much more difficult for the burglar to remove from the premises. The coffer embodies the latest type of Chatwood-Milner locking mechanisms and armor resistant to oxyacetylene torch, explosives, drills, and sledge hammers.

  • One-piece cast construction has NO WEAK WELDED SEAMS and eliminates the possibility of de-slabbing the entire top, sides, or bottom
  • Five movement spy-proof dial with dial check lock makes it virtually impossible for even the most skilled professional safe expect to manipulate the combination
  • Additional relocking trigger bolt provides further protection against explosives, oxyacetylene torches, drill, and sledge hammers
1214-912"H x 14¾"W x 9⅝"D305H x 375W x 244D17"H x 19¾"W x 17⅝"D432H x 502W x 448D0.99 ft³28 L

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*All used safes are pictured prior to reconditioning or are stock photos.

INSIDE DIMENSIONS12"H x 14¾"W x 9⅝"D305H x 375W x 244D
OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS17"H x 19¾"W x 17⅝"D432H x 502W x 448D
CAPACITY0.99 ft³28 L