Chatwood-Milner Monarch
552019 TRTL-30x6 EQ

Modern techniques versus modern criminals, that is the philosophy behind the Chatwood-Milner Monarch safe. It is a safe which will resist all forms of attack, for today’s safebreaker is practiced in up-to-the-minute metal cutting techniques, skilled in the use of explosives and an experienced operator with an armory more extensive, lethal, and scientific than ever before. It is science that has given the safecracker these new opportunities and it is science that has given the safemaker the means to combat them. The Chatwood-Milner Monarch is the product of exhaustive research into protective materials and techniques. The core of its protection is Chatwood Milner torch and drill resisting armor, a composite with a matrix of thermal strength and toughness incorporating inclusions to resist drilling. Advanced manufacturing techniques have enabled Chatwood Milner engineers to produce a safe body in a single cast unit of consistent strength. Added to this is Chatwood Milner isolator boltwork, a revolutionary design of locking mechanism, which not only provides highly sophisticated drill protection but incorporates advanced techniques for protection against explosive attack.

  • Chatwood Milner torch and drill resisting armor cast into safe body of exceptional strength
  • Effectively resists electric drills, oxy-acetylene torches, forcing tools, sledgehammers, and explosives
  • One-piece construction eliminates possibility of de-slabbing with no weak welded seams
  • Free-revolving handle disconnects from internal boltwork mechanism when locked
  • Five movement spy proof dial with double-bitted, 10 tumbler combination lock
  • Dial can be keylocked in the open or closed position to prevent movement during the day
  • Smoke detection material produces a great deal of heavy smoke when heat is applied to deter burglars
55201955"H x 20"W x 19"D1397H x 508W x 483D64"H x 29½"W x 30½, 32¾"D / 33"OD1626H x 749W x 775D / 838OD12.09 ft³342.4 L2529, 3640 lb kg

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INSIDE DIMENSIONS55"H x 20"W x 19"D1397H x 508W x 483D
OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS64"H x 29½"W x 30½, 32¾"D / 33"OD1626H x 749W x 775D / 838OD
CAPACITY12.09 ft³342.4 L
WEIGHT2529, 3640 lb kg