Chubb Chatwood Certified
V-6652EX ECB-S Grade V

Chubbsafes proudly presents the Chatwood Certified Series. Three levels of high security safes offering certified protection against concentrated burglary attacks utilizing sophisticated torches, tools, and explosives. These features, along with certified fire protection, ensure unparalleled protection for your valuables.

  • ECB-S certified grade IV, V, and VI burglary protection with equal protection on all six sides
  • Certified explosive protection (EX)
  • Certified fire protection for paper documents – 1 hour 350°F
  • Designed to protect diamonds and jewelry, precious metals, valuable collections, cash, and highly valuable documents
  • Constructed in one piece with torch and drill resistant armor for greater protection against attack
  • Differing security levels achieved by using increasingly resilient barrier materials
  • Additional protection over locking areas
  • Four-way engagement moving boltwork with up to twelve bolts to provide effective defense against attacks
  • Specific anti-explosive devices protect boltwork against explosion break-in
  • UL listed Group 1 manipulation-resistant combination lock and high-security key lock
  • Tempered glass plate activated relocking devices
  • Super-lightweight models allow greater storage capacity to be transported in elevators in high-rise buildings
  • Unique hinge design allows complete straight-in access width when doors are opened 90 degrees
V-6652EX66.1"H x 52.4"W x 19.7"D1679H x 1331W x 500D72.83"H x 59"W x 28"D / 31⅜"OD1850H x 1499W x 711D / 797OD39.49 ft³1118.2 L5590, 5975 lb kg

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*All used safes are pictured prior to reconditioning or are stock photos.

SERIESChatwood Certified
INSIDE DIMENSIONS66.1"H x 52.4"W x 19.7"D1679H x 1331W x 500D
OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS72.83"H x 59"W x 28"D / 31⅜"OD1850H x 1499W x 711D / 797OD
CAPACITY39.49 ft³1118.2 L
WEIGHT5590, 5975 lb kg