Chubb Sovereign
6428/21 TRTL-60x6 EQ

Chubb Sovereign “The best safe in the world”

Developments in industrial cutting equipment mean that today’s burglars have at their disposal a formidable armory of tools and attack methods.
The Chubb Sovereign provides very high security protection against all known forms of safe attacks including explosives, power drills including diamond drills, pneumatic and electric hammers, oxy-acetylene torch, oxy-arc, arc-air slicer, and thermic lance.
Since its launch is 1979, hundreds of Sovereign safes have been sold, yet Chubb and Empire Safe know of no successful attacks by burglars on any Sovereign safe. The Sovereign safe provides such a high level of protection that it is above the standard cash rating bands of many UK insurance companies, and insurance cover can be negotiated for very large cash holdings in a Sovereign safe.

  • Seamless monolithic casting of Chubb Anti-Arc barrier material, consisting of nuggets of very hard abrasion resistant material held in a matrix with a very high resistance to attack with thermal tools
  • Massive 38mm diameter moving boltwork extends from all four sides of the door
  • Chubb Isolator boltwork completely disconnected the bolt throwing handle from the bolts when the safe is locked
  • Filled with glass plate relockers to protect the locks from explosives attack
  • Access to the lock case itself controlled by two Chubb locks
6428/2164"H x 28"W x 21"D1626H x 711W x 533D73"H x 37½"W x 32½"D1854H x 953W x 826D21.78 ft³616.7 L7940 lb3602 kg

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*All used safes are pictured prior to reconditioning or are stock photos.

INSIDE DIMENSIONS64"H x 28"W x 21"D1626H x 711W x 533D
OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS73"H x 37½"W x 32½"D1854H x 953W x 826D
CAPACITY21.78 ft³616.7 L
WEIGHT7940 lb3602 kg

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