Diebold Cashgard

The ultimate safe in torch and tool resisting protection: Diebold Cashgard Safes. The threat of burglary is ever present in any business no matter how large or small. But with Diebold Cashgard safes you can substantially reduce that possibility with impressive safe strength and security. The result of over a century of experience. The Cashgard safe is designed with the latest materials including high tensile security steel for greater strength and protection from burglar attack. In addition to greater resistance to attack, the new steel offers lower freight and handling costs and reduced floor load due to less bulk in the walls and door.

  • Exclusive thermal relocks respond to torch attacks by releasing bolts that are held under constant tension
  • All inside space is usable – there are no interior projections
  • Heavy duty clutch mechanism on handle serves as a deterrent to forcing the handle
  • Unique detent system designed to prevent damage to bolts by locking inside the safe when the door is open
  • UL approved Group I manipulation resistive combination lock
  • Special high tensile strength steel in accordance with a Diebold formula for added burglar resistance


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