ISM Diamond Vault
DV 5521 TRTL-30x6

The ISM DiamondVault has taken the lead in development and engineering of one of the most sophisticated six-sided burglary resistant safes manufactured in the world today. Never before has more time, experience, and expense in the development of the most massive defense barriers been molded together to form an uninterrupted, superior physical defense capability. Tried, tested, and proven materials and design have made the ISM DiamondVault the new standard in the industry today. ISM has designed and constructed the DiamondVault to protect the priceless, not just to meet a standard.

  • Completely tailored one piece cast Alchronite inner body and Alchronite door
  • Highly torch-resistant cast alloy surround a consistently staggered drill resistant alloy multi-grid
  • Two dense frames of copper alloy strategically incorporated in the Alchronite cast
  • Additional outer body torch and drill resistant monolith fills and encases multiple steel reinforcing cylinders
  • Superior burglary protection as well as fire protection
  • Underwriters Laboratories Group I manipulation proof combination lock and maximum security nine level key lock
  • Bolt detent system that protects bolts when door is open
  • Glass plate relocker protection on all locks and in all vital mechanism areas
DV 552155"H x 21"W x 20"D1397H x 533W x 508D64¾, 65¼"H x 30¾, 30⅞"W x 31½, 32¼"D / 34, 35⅝"OD1645H x 781W x 800D / 864OD13.37 ft³378.6 L5200 lb2359 kg

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SERIESDiamond Vault
INSIDE DIMENSIONS55"H x 21"W x 20"D1397H x 533W x 508D
OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS64¾, 65¼"H x 30¾, 30⅞"W x 31½, 32¼"D / 34, 35⅝"OD1645H x 781W x 800D / 864OD
CAPACITY13.37 ft³378.6 L
WEIGHT5200 lb2359 kg