Original Bastion
5220 TL-30

Throw away your standards for the ultimate in protection, Original safes go beyond. Original, a consolidation of American design ingenuity and the world’s finest craftsmen. When the company was formed, a highly regarded designer was given carte blanche to create the ultimate in a security system. From years of experience he knew what was considered the best available. This was the starting point for Original safes. The designer then concentrated on improving each feature before selecting quality technicians to implement his blueprints. The result is the unbeatable, affordable Original… the new standard in safes.

  • 9.7 hardness nuggets liberally spread through body and encased in Tufcrete, a 12,000 PSI high strength material
  • Reinforcing rods strategically placed horizontally and vertically to enhance tensile strength of the Tufcrete
  • Heavy duty reinforcing brackets welded throughout the body frame and door resist peeling
  • Original’s drill and tool-resistant Super Alloy plate is not commercially machinable with ordinary tools
  • High-precision anti-acid and anti-pick keylock for maximum security
  • UL Listed Group II combination lock with over 1 million combinations
  • Two control centers, one for each lock monitored by temepred glass plate relockers
522052"H x 20"W x 22"D1321H x 508W x 559D59"H x 27"W x 32"D / 34½"OD1499H x 686W x 813D / 876OD13.24 ft³374.9 L2777, 3681 lb kg


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*All used safes are pictured prior to reconditioning or are stock photos.

INSIDE DIMENSIONS52"H x 20"W x 22"D1321H x 508W x 559D
OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS59"H x 27"W x 32"D / 34½"OD1499H x 686W x 813D / 876OD
CAPACITY13.24 ft³374.9 L
WEIGHT2777, 3681 lb kg