SLS Treasury
3520 TRTL-30x6 EQ

The new SLS Treasury TRTL-30×6 stands on the peak of technical excellence in safe manufacture and indeed, there are few safes in the world which can compare. It was designed to withstand every conceivable attack: thermic, drilling, impact force, and explosive. This safe has successfully resisted all forms of attack by the American Underwriters Laboratory Inc. in Chicago for the new six sided test (TRTL 30×6), also surpassing the earlier Treasury Anti-Arc in specification and design which held the Premiere rating from the GTA in Paris.
A safe which complies with this exceptional performance specification commends itself to those who, like bankers and jewelers, are faced with exceptional risk.
In the discipline of SLS design the body and door must be of commensurate strength so that the safe is effectively of unitary construction.

  • Vital locking areas protected by “Superamics”, SLS’s new and patented composite with Wirand/Zacrete high density refractory monolith
  • High alumina ceramic rods anchored into an alloy matrix and presented head-on to drill bits with Zacalloy alloy slab with refractory nuggets of exceptional hardness
  • Thick copper sheet for increased resistance to oxy-arc cutters with smoke-generating infills
352035"H x 20"W x 19"D889H x 508W x 483D44½"H x 29½"W x 30½"D / 33½"OD1130H x 749W x 775D / 851OD7.7 ft³218 L3300 lb1497 kg

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*All used safes are pictured prior to reconditioning or are stock photos.

INSIDE DIMENSIONS35"H x 20"W x 19"D889H x 508W x 483D
OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS44½"H x 29½"W x 30½"D / 33½"OD1130H x 749W x 775D / 851OD
CAPACITY7.7 ft³218 L
WEIGHT3300 lb1497 kg