Tann Fortress

Patient research and development, rigorous testing, and 175 years international leadership in bank security engineering have preceded The Fortress safe once only bankers needed the heavy security safes built by John Tann. Now, nothing less than Tann security is demanded by commerce and industry to combat modern risks. The Fortress Safe fulfills the growing need for more massive and scientific protection to face up to the infinitely more daring and skillful attacks of the present-day criminal using new and formidable weapons.

  • Reinforced monolith of blowtorch and drill-resistant material
  • Special heavy-duty alloy reinforced against impact, oxygen cutting, drills, and other methods of attack
  • Proven highly resistant to explosive attack whether central or at the edges
  • Lockable cupboard unit for sizes above 2314
  • Adjustable, removable shelves
32/231423"H x 14½"W x 17"D584H x 368W x 432D32½"H x 24"W x 27¾"D / 30¼"OD826H x 610W x 705D / 768OD3.28 ft³92.9 L2285 lb1036 kg


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INSIDE DIMENSIONS23"H x 14½"W x 17"D584H x 368W x 432D
OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS32½"H x 24"W x 27¾"D / 30¼"OD826H x 610W x 705D / 768OD
CAPACITY3.28 ft³92.9 L
WEIGHT2285 lb1036 kg