Tann X6 Plus
5920 TRTL-30x6

John Tann Security Limited is the oldest safe maker in the world. During the reign of King George II (1727-1760) the House of Tann manufactured burglary-resistant iron-bound treasure chests. In 1795 and Edward Tann founded the world’s first firm of safe makers, John Tann. Throughout the company’s history it was essential to be one step (at least) ahead of the burglar’s technical ingenuity – a continuous spur to product development. Operated from factories in England, Canada, and Sweden and is represented in many other countries. We proudly a new generation of high security safes, The Tann X6 Mini Vault. This safe combines beauty and strength to withstand all forms of attack by today’s sophisticated burglar. The Plus for the owner of a Tann X6 Plus is a 90-minute Swedish fire label added to the U.L. TRTL-30×6 label, truly a safe for the future and an investment in peace of mind.

  • Barrier materials including copper, Tann Alloy II, and special high security adamantium force attacker to change tools
  • 1½ hour fire-resistant certification
  • UL TRTL-30×6 label
  • Changeable acid resistant keylock
  • Rigger’s key combination
  • Random relockers
  • Concealed hinges & recessed door
  • Dual locks
  • Thermal link
592059"H x 20"W x 20"D1499H x 508W x 508D72⅞"H x 30¼"W x 34⅞"D1851H x 768W x 886D13.66 ft³386.8 L3700 lb1678 kg

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FIRE PROTECTION1.5 Hour, 90 Mins
INSIDE DIMENSIONS59"H x 20"W x 20"D1499H x 508W x 508D
OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS72⅞"H x 30¼"W x 34⅞"D1851H x 768W x 886D
CAPACITY13.66 ft³386.8 L
WEIGHT3700 lb1678 kg