Residential Safes

If you’re looking to protect jewelry and other items…
you’ve come to the right place.

Since 1904 we have supplied safes and vault rooms to the jewelry industry, from Fifth Avenue to Rodeo Drive. This wealth of experience has enabled us to design a complete selection of burglary protection safes specifically for residential apartments and private homes.

The safes you will find here were designed to “take the competitive edge away from the burglar”. That is, we’ve created a complete selection of burglary protection safes with varying levels of security, one or more which should apply to your particular situation. We feel it’s as important to protect what you’ve got… at all times, as it is to respect the value of your investment and it’s sentimental value… to your heart.

The Wrong Safes for Burglary Protection

When people call or come into our showroom, the most often asked question is “Do you have a fireproof safe?”. The first question we ask them is “Are you looking for burglary protection?” You should see the look on their faces! That is, they look at us, somewhat in disbelief that we would ask such a silly question, because that’s what they thought they just asked us! (You’re probably asking the same question now!)

OK, let me explain this so we can get on with this process… first, let’s take the question apart in pieces.

Since there is very little consumer education about safes, the majority of people only know a few “safe words”. When referring to a “safe”, one assumes that every safe, just based on it being a “safe”, offers good burglary protection. Unfortunately, this is not the case. And when it pertains to the typical “fireproof” safe, this is definitely NOT the case. That is, a “fireproof safe” (aka, “fire resistant safe” or “record safe”), was designed primarily to protect paper documents from the ravages of a fire.

The typical fire resistant safe is one that is fabricated with light gauge sheet steel, designed 99% for fire and 1% for burglary (I’m taking a bit of license here to make a point). These safes are relatively easy to break open with common handtools and are also light in weight, making them easy to steal from the premises, even if they are anchored the floor! The reason they are so light in steel is because that’s the most costly ingredient in the product, so from a price competitive point of view, if manufacturers do not have to use steel, they won’t…as some have already done with small fire boxes and insulated files.

(If you’re looking primarily to protect non-negotiable paper documents from fire, you’ll find safes that provide this type of protection at stores like Home Depot, Loews, Staples, Office Max, locksmith shops, etc.) Please keep in mind that burglars refer to these safes as “handy carrying cases”, so keep only what can be reproduced in such a safe. Or, make copies of what documents you have and keep a set off-site, in an office or safe deposit box.

The Right Safes for Burglary Protection

If you’re like most of our customers, who are looking to protect jewelry, watches and other items of monetary (or sentimental) value, a “fireproof safe” is not the right safe to purchase. This doesn’t mean that the safe we will offer you does not have fire protection. Of course it will, especially if you’re buying one for use in a private home or other building that has a medium to high risk of fire. (If you reside in a high rise concrete and steel constructed apartment building, fire protection is something we feel is not that important, so we offer, in addition to our other burglary protection models (with fire protection), safes that offer primarily burglary protection (see our Avenue Series). These safes are streamline in design, which is often important because apartments tend to be small and have limited available space to house a safe.

Our objective is to focus on burglary protection which is the primary reason why people buy a safe for the storage of jewelry, watches, cash and other valuables. They don’t want to lose what they’ve got!

Now that you’ve got the picture… hopefully. Let’s take a look at our products.

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