Avenue Series

Designed exclusively for apartments and condos

The Avenue Series is a commercial quality burglary protection line of safes that we designed specifically for installation in high rise apartment buildings. This all-steel constructed series of safes has a heavy duty design that is similar in construction to safes we supply to the jewelry, watch and precious metals industries. The door of this safe is constructed with 1″ thick steel while the body has 1/2″ thick steel. This thickness of steel, along with a heavy duty reinforced steel frame, makes this series a formidable safe for the protection of jewelry and other valuables. Its streamline design allows you to fit this safe into tight spaces where bulkier models will not work.

Because many models in this series are “relatively light” in weight it is strongly recommended that models weighing less than 750 lb be secured to the floor or another surface it’s placed upon. We do offer a selection of steel bases on which the safes can be placed and secured.

Door Swing / Universal Hinges
The safe has a universal hinge design that enables you to determine whether you want the door swinging to the left or right side. It’s best to find a location where the door of the safe can open at least 135 to 180 degrees. This comes into play especially when safes are fitted internally with jewelry and watch drawers, but we do have standard drawer designs available to accommodate space limitations where doors can open only 90 degrees. We are prepared to help you determine the best and most accessible location for your safe.


High Security Boltwork/Locking Mechanism
Since the Avenue Series is a commercial quality burglary protection safe, we have designed an intricate mechanism to help prevent boltwork attacks from the side of the safe. In addition, direct attacks on the lock through the front of the safe results in the release of multiple relocking bolts that secure the mechanism in the locked position, even if the lock itself is dislodged completely. Further security is assured through a tempered glass plate that, upon attack, breaks into hundreds of pieces and proactively releases two relocking bolts before the lock can experience a severe attack.

The most popular lock selected by our clients is a UL listed commercial quality digital lock (battery powered). This lock enables the user to set their own personal 6-digit push button code while allowing them to open the safe within 3-5 seconds. Closing the door and turning the handle automatically locks the safe. This lock helps make your safe become an integral part of your daily routine, so valuables can be protected at all times.

Custom Depth Option
We can reduce the depth of any model to fit within your dimensional limitations… within reason, so please inquire within before designing and constructing a place for it.

Custom Models Available
If you require a safe of different dimensions we can manufacture one to meet your needs. Please call for more details.


Product Specifications

ModelInside Dimensions
H x W x D (in)(mm)
Outside Dimensions
H x W x D / OD (in)(mm)
AV 1212-1112½ x 12 x 11318 x 305 x 27913½ x 13 x 14⅝ / 16½343 x 330 x 371 / 4190.95 ft³27 L1200 lb91 kg
AV 1217-1212½ x 17½ x 12318 x 445 x 30513½ x 18¼ x 15⅝ / 17½343 x 464 x 397 / 4451.52 ft³43 L1265 lb120 kg
AV 1814-1418½ x 14 x 14470 x 356 x 35619½ x 15 x 17⅝ / 19½495 x 432 x 448 / 4952.10 ft³59 L1325 lb147 kg
AV 1816-1418½ x 16 x 14470 x 406 x 35619½ x 17 x 17⅝ / 19½495 x 432 x 448 / 4952.40 ft³68 L1350 lb159 kg
AV 2416-1424½ x 16 x 14622 x 406 x 35625½ x 17 x 17⅝ / 19½648 x 432 x 448 / 4953.18 ft³90 L2430 lb195 kg
AV 3016-1430½ x 16 x 14775 x 406 x 35631½ x 17 x 17⅝ / 19½800 x 432 x 448 / 4953.95 ft³112 L2595 lb270 kg
AV 3016-1630½ x 16 x 16775 x 406 x 40631½ x 17 x 19⅝ / 21½800 x 432 x 498 / 5464.52 ft³128 L2625 lb283 kg
AV 1818-1618½ x 18 x 16470 x 457 x 40619½ x 19 x 19⅝ / 21½495 x 483 x 498 / 5463.08 ft³87 L1400 lb181 kg
AV 2618-1626½ x 18 x 16673 x 457 x 40627½ x 19 x 19⅝ / 21½699 x 483 x 498 / 5464.42 ft³125 L2525 lb238 kg
AV 4018-1640½ x 18 x 161029 x 457 x 40641½ x 19 x 19⅝ / 21½ 1054 x 483 x 498 / 5466.75 ft³191 L3740 lb336 kg
AV 5018-1650½ x 18 x 161283 x 457 x 40651½ x 19 x 19⅝ / 21½1308 x 483 x 498 / 5468.42 ft³238 L4880 lb399 kg
AV 6018-1660½ x 18 x 161537 x 457 x 40661½ x 19 x 19⅝ / 21½1562 x 483 x 498 / 54610.08 ft³286 L51015 lb460 kg

OD: Overall Depth including hinge and handle projections
All models prepared for anchoring to a platform or the floor