Gotham G6 Series

The Gotham Six Series is a result of us upgrading our very popular Professional Series to the same security level as the Gotham. This series is our advanced line of heavy duty commercial quality burglary protection safes designed specifically for private home and apartment applications. A combination of high security burglary protection features and substantial weight characteristics make these an appropriate choice for the protection of valuables of concentrated value. They were designed primarily for the organization of jewelry, watches, coin and other collections, gold bullion, cash, etc. For the protection of paper documents, this series provides at least one hour of fire protection, more than adequate for private home use.

Six-Sided Armour Plated Protection
In addition to the burglary protection composite barrier material in the walls and door, all sides of this safe are lined with hardened drill and attack resistant plating that makes up a formidable barrier to attack by sophisticated burglary tools.

Door Swing
We maintain an inventory of models hinged on the right and left side so you can select what is needed to meet your particular requirements. It’s best to find a location where the door of the safe can open at least 135 to 180 degrees, although our 16″ internal depth models can sometimes work well with the door opening only 90 degrees. This comes into play especially when safes are fitted internally with jewelry and watch drawers. We are prepared to help you determine the best and most accessible location for your safe.

The most popular lock selected by our clients is a UL listed commercial quality digital lock (battery powered). This lock enables the user to set their own personal 6-digit push button code while allowing them to open the safe within 3-5 seconds. Closing the door and turning the handle automatically locks the safe. This lock helps make your safe become an integral part of your daily routine, so valuables can be protected at all times.

Locks are protected from attack by a drill resistant hardened steel plate plus a tempered glass plate (a feature found in our high security jewelry safes) connected to a spring loaded mechanical re-locking device that secures the boltwork in the locked position should the lock be attacked.

The weight of your safe plays an important role when protecting valuables in the home. For private home and ground level installations, we strongly recommend that you consider a safe that weighs at least 500-750 lbs. (The majority of the safes we install residentially weigh from 600-1,300 lbs.) In addition to the security features offered by our safes, the heavier a safe is, the less likely it will be able to be removed (by burglars) from the premises. As a rule, safes weighing less than 750 lbs. should be anchored to the floor.

“Gotham Style” Luxury Package
The door of these safes can be outfitted with a mirror finished 3-spoke capstan handle, fascia and service panel available in stainless steel and brass for an additional cost.

Model G6 3016-12
with full interior with vermillion drawers, black alor jewelry trays, and cubby lining

Paint Finishes
This series is available with our standard ivory color with a satin finish, but can be painted to match or complement your color theme. Satin and high gloss finishes are available for an additional cost.

Customize Your Interior
We offer a complete selection of jewelry and watch inserts, drawers, drawer finishes and pulls, to fulfill most storage and organizational requirements. Since each client has specific needs, we customize the interior to meet their particular requirements. Interiors are available in a variety of wood and painted finishes. A wide selection of jewelry and watch inserts are available with standard layouts (custom configurations is our specialty). We also offer custom height drawers, pull-out shelves and compartments for the storage of cash, coin and other collections, watchwinders, artwork, paper documents, etc. Internal lighting is also available with an electrical connection.


Product Specifications

ModelInside Dimensions
H x W x D (in)(mm)
Outside Dimensions
H x W x D / OD (in)(mm)
G6-1212-1112 x 12 x 11305 x 305 x 27917⅛ x 17⅛ x 19 / 20½435 x 435 x 483 / 5210.92 ft³26 L1355 lb161 kg
G6-1414-1214 x 14 x 12356 x 356 x 30519⅛ x 19⅛ x 20 / 21½486 x 486 x 508 / 5461.36 ft³39 L1450 lb204 kg
G6-1814-1218 x 14 x 12457 x 356 x 30523⅛ x 19⅛ x 20 / 21½587 x 486 x 508 / 5461.75 ft³50 L1510 lb231 kg
G6-2414-1224 x 14 x 12610 x 356 x 30529⅛ x 19⅛ x 20 / 21½740 x 486 x 508 / 5462.33 ft³66 L2610 lb277 kg
G6-3016-1230 x 16 x 12762 x 406 x 30535⅛ x 21⅛ x 20 / 21½892 x 537 x 508 / 5463.33 ft³94 L2750 lb340 kg
G6-4016-1240 x 16 x 121016 x 406 x 30545⅛ x 21⅛ x 20 / 21½1146 x 537 x 508 / 5464.44 ft³126 L3965 lb438 kg
G6-1616-1616 x 16 x 16406 x 406 x 40621⅛ x 21⅛ x 24 / 25½537 x 537 x 610 / 6482.37 ft³67 L1620 lb281 kg
G6-2416-1624 x 16 x 16610 x 406 x 40629⅛ x 21⅛ x 24 / 25½740 x 537 x 610 / 6483.56 ft³101 L2750 lb340 kg
G6-3016-1630 x 16 x 16762 x 406 x 40635⅛ x 21⅛ x 24 / 25½892 x 537 x 610 / 6484.44 ft³126 L2890 lb404 kg
G6-3020-1630 x 20 x 16762 x 508 x 40635⅛ x 25⅛ x 24 / 25½892 x 638 x 610 / 6485.56 ft³157 L2990 lb449 kg
G6-3620-1636 x 20 x 16914 x 508 x 40641⅛ x 25⅛ x 24 / 25½1045 x 638 x 610 / 6486.67 ft³189 L31100 lb499 kg
G6-4820-1648 x 20 x 161219 x 508 x 40653⅛ x 25⅛ x 24 / 25½1349 x 638 x 610 / 6488.89 ft³252 L31390 lb630 kg
G6-6020-1660 x 20 x 161524 x 508 x 40665⅛ x 25⅛ x 24 / 25½1654 x 638 x 610 / 64811.11 ft³315 L41665 lb755 kg
G6-6026-1660 x 26 x 161524 x 660 x 40665⅛ x 31⅛ x 24 / 25½1654 x 791 x 610 / 64814.44 ft³409 L41925 lb873 kg

OD: Overall Depth including hinge and handle projections
All models prepared for anchoring to a platform or the floor

Photo Gallery: Selection of Models