High Security Home Safes

Security will always be our top priority when it comes to designing safes and, it should always be your top priority when selecting a safe.

This security based philosophy compelled us to design the strongest high security home safes on the market. Each Empire Safe is equipped with a high security digital lock and active glass re-locker for your convenience and security.


We created this line of safes to answer the burglary protection needs of those residing in high-rise apartment buildings. Constructed of thick solid steel with a heavy-duty reinforced frame, the Avenue is an exceptionally formidable safe. Compact and streamlined in design, models fit conveniently into closets, alcoves and other locations where space is limited. Available in 12 standard sizes. Custom sizes available.


A step up from the Avenue Series, the Gotham G6 Safe is constructed of a powerful combination of super alloy armor plating, steel and composite barrier materials. The Gotham G6 safes take after the jewelry industry safes that offer “all-wall” protection. Not only does the door have the super alloy armor plating but, all 5 walls do as well eliminating any areas of vulnerability. The Gotham G6’s strength, weight and fire resistance make it nearly impossible for any home burglar to invade your assets and valuables. Perfect for a private home. Available in 14 sizes.


The Diamond TDR Safe is undoubtedly the most impenetrable high security home safe that money can buy. This safe is only for those that require and desire the highest degree of protection for big ticket valuables. It is named the Diamond TDR because of its mirrored construction to safes regularly used by dealers in the diamond trade and, because it is Torch & Drill Resistant (TDR). No other residential safe on the market can secure your valuables like the Diamond TDR can.