Interior Drawer Systems

Empire Safe offers a complete selection of accessories for your residential safe. Most safes out there, including safes in our stock, are supplied with adjustable standard shelving. This may work well for some since it provides wide open space and flexibility for storage of anything and everything. However, many of our clients that specifically use their safes to secure their jewelry collection prefer to organize their valuable pieces within jewelry trays that rest in custom wooden drawers that fit into the safe. We sit down with our clients and go through their specific needs in order to tailor the interior of their safe to fit them like a glove.

Customized Interiors to Meet Your Specific Requirements

We offer custom storage solutions for the interior of your safe. These interiors are available in a variety of wood and lacquer finishes and are handcrafted to fit the interior of a new or existing safe. Examples of our standard wood finishes are shown below, but if there’s a particular hardwood or color you prefer, let us know. We will customize the interior to meet your individual requirements.

Wood Finishes

Please note that finishes vary in grain and color so may not match image shown.

Birdseye Maple
Red Mahogany

Drawers, Cubbies, Adjustable Shelves, Drawer Pulls, Etc.

We offer various height drawers for the storage of jewelry and watches, yet are available in virtually any height to accommodate the items to be stored within. In addition, we offer customized layouts inside drawers for the storage of documents, cash, coin collections, flatware, etc. Heights noted below indicate gross height of drawer (actual inside clear height is less). Open cubbies for the storage of documents, cameras and other items can be outfitted with adjustable shelves and lined with the same materials as the inserts for the drawers. Column compartments can be fitted with adjustable shelves and/or pull-out slides with hooks for organizing jewelry chains. Standard drawer pulls are available in a variety of finishes.

  • Standard height (1-7/16″) for the storage of the majority of jewelry
  • Medium height (2″) for rings in slots with larger stones as well as other items
  • Tall (2-1/2″) for thick bangles and watches stored on their side
  • Watch (3″) for the storage of watches on cuffs
  • Taller drawers available for the storage of jewelry boxes, documents, etc.
  • All drawers for Style 1412T and 1612T inserts are typically supplied with wood runners so you can remove them from the safe and place them on a surface outside the safe. Drawers for standard watch inserts are fitted with full extension slides, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Full extension slides can be supplied on many drawer sizes, depending on the particular safe.


Watch Winders in InteriorFor the storage of automatic watches that require periodic movement to keep them wound, we can outfit your safe with single, double or triple watch winders (battery powered) or install a customized interior with multiple watch winders (lithium battery powered -or- electrical connection required). Please discuss your particular requirements with one of our security consultants.

Photo on the right shows a pull-out shelf for battery powered winders, to accommodate up to 6 watch winders (per shelf) in a 12″ deep safe.