Modular Vault Panels

To represent the largest demographic of clients, Empire Safe’s modular vault systems are offered in three different panel materials to allow for any application. Every client’s situation is different, and with a choice between levels of security vs. weight, we can help you decide what is the best fit for your vault room needs. Whether it’s an uneven step-up requiring Hercvlite floors, ceiling pipes that would interfere with Class 1 concrete panels, or a high-rise strongroom, Empire Safe has seen it, talked through it, and delivered a solution. Keep reading to learn a little more about our specialty vault panels below!

Reinforced Concrete Panels

Reinforced panels, consisting of various types of concrete products combined with security fibers, cast over and around a steel matrix, make up this formidable attack resistant barrier. This modular concrete vault system was designed for installation in locations where floor loads are not an issue and where there is easy access to the premises that allows the transport and assembly of the panels by forklift or other forms of mechanical assisted rigging. This system is cost effective and the obvious choice for the majority of ground level applications. It is appropriate when there is a good balance of vault and on-premises electronic and video/digital surveillance security present.

Hercvlite High Density Panels

The Hercvlite vault system was designed for installation in locations where floor loads are limited and/or where saving space is critical. Security is of the utmost importance when selecting this system since the technology used to create it and its superior security features, over and above the UL testing methods, makes this the most difficult system to penetrate by vault burglars.

An entirely different approach is used for this product with the inclusion of a special cement that is a reactive powder. This is mixed with graded manufactured sand, ultra strength graded aggregate, high performance organic rheological modifiers (ORM), a special blend of fibers and very little water. Since the water content is extremely low there are extremely small voids. The molecular connectivity enhanced by the ORM binds the mixture together creating an ultra-hard, cohesive and durable attack resistant barrier we called Hercvlite. Although compressive strength (PSI) is only one factor to be considered concerning the security of the panels, HPC concrete (used in our standard concrete reinforced panels) is 3 to 4 times greater than regular concrete (construction grade concrete) and UHPC (high density) is 2-1/2 to 3 times greater than HPC.

Lightweight Panels

This system was designed primarily for installation on upper floors in high-rise buildings where floor loads are limited and cost is a factor. This is an appropriate choice when there is a good balance of surrounding security present in the form of electronic security on the vault and premises as well as inherent security off premises, yet within the building (24 hour manned security, alarm as well as video/digital surveillance, neighbors with electronic security, etc.)

Technical Specifications

ClassReinforced Concrete PanelsHercvlite HD PanelsLightweight Panels
M3″76 mm40 lb/ft²195 kg/m²2″51 mm28 lb/ft²137 kg/m²3½”89 mm19 lb/ft²93 kg/m²
14″102 mm55 lb/ft²269 kg/m²2½”64 mm32 lb/ft²156 kg/m²5½”140 mm25 lb/ft²122 kg/m²
26″152 mm82 lb/ft²400 kg/m²3½”89 mm49 lb/ft²239 kg/m²10½”267 mm44 lb/ft²215 kg/m²
311″279 mm155 lb/ft²757 kg/m²6½”165 mm91 lb/ft²444 kg/m²12″305 mm75 lb/ft²366 kg/m²